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IRA Strategizing 

 Ed Slott, a CPA, has developed a reputation as “America’s IRA expert” (see IRAHELP.com). I have completed IRA-specific training with Ed beyond my Certified Financial Planner™ training, and we continually receive training in IRA planning. Don’t try IRA planning on your own. Seek an advisor and attorney who know what they’re doing with IRAs.

 Transfer IRA money from custodian to custodian. Don’t touch the money unless you want to risk paying taxes on it.

 Update your beneficiary forms regularly. IRA money goes straight to the named beneficiary after death, bypassing the will.

■ Required minimum distributions (RMD) must start after age 70½. In simple terms, you have grown, you have postponed taxes for years, and the government wants their money. Mistakes are costly and it is very hard to plead for mercy from the IRS. 

 Stockpiling money in an IRA and taking only the minimum distributions so you can leave it to your kids is not a smart estate planning strategy. There are ways to pay the taxes during your lifetime and leave tax-free money to your heirs.

 Long-term care implications for IRAs: This is the second place your caretakers usually go for money to pay the long-term care bill (after your Social Security check). IRA withdrawals are taxable as ordinary income, and the long-term care bill creates a corresponding tax deduction as a medical expense. But you need smart planning to optimize using your IRA for long-term care.

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Give your Grandchild the Gift of an IRA

Almost every client we talk to wishes they began saving for retirement sooner. Since you can’t turn back the clock, why not improve your child, or even grandchild’s, prospects for building adequate retirement savings? What better way to teach them about money,...

IRA Planning and Required Minimum Distributions

You’ve been putting money away for years thinking retirement was a distant point that would never come. Now, it has arrived as promised, and you get to enjoy the benefits of your planning and saving. But the planning doesn’t stop here. If you don’t continue to plan the details of your retirement account you could lose some of your hard earned savings Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are just another of a long line of acronyms and jargon you’ll need to become familiar with in order to plan effectively.

Useful Documents.

Read the IRA chapters of “The Complete Cardinal Guide to Planning for and Living in Retirement” and the accompanying “Workbook”!

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Calculate Your RMD as Easy as 1,2,3

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Spousal IRA Beneficiary Decision Tree

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