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with Hans Scheil

Retirement planning involves a lot more than just managing your money. This show is the complete guide to planning for and living in retirement, helping families finish well. Host Hans Scheil will discuss a new topic every week ranging from Social Security and Medicare to IRAs and taxes. Follow along each week by downloading the corresponding chapters below for free! New episodes air Saturday mornings on the Truth Network. All episodes are posted on ITunes, Spotify, TuneIn, Sticher, and on this page. If you have any questions you would like Hans to answer on air or any comments please fill out the form below!

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Can I take money from my IRA or 401k early?

Most Americans have retirement savings in an IRA or 401k account.  This money is meant to create an income for you in retirement. Before reaching retirement, unforeseen circumstances can arise, and if money is needed, many people look to these accounts.  If you are...

What is my risk tolerance in retirement?

Risk and reward go hand in hand. Many people focus on the reward that can come from investing and lose focus when it comes to the chance of loss. All investments involve some degree of risk. It is important to understand the level of risk you are willing to take on,...

Social Security Timing: It’s More Than Your Age

When you are getting close to retirement, one of the biggest decisions you face is when to start your Social Security check. While much of the decision is based on your age, there are other factors you should consider. You want to be sure you make the right decision...

Do I pay tax on my Social Security?

When it comes to income tax, a lot changes when you retire. Your money is not coming from a paycheck anymore. Social Security is the baseline of many retirees' income. It is important to know how this benefit will be taxed in order to accurately plan for your...

Living Benefits of Life Insurance

Life insurance has been around for centuries and most people understand the financial protection it can provide to your loved ones when you pass. More recently, life insurance companies have been adding benefits that can be used during the insured’s lifetime. We want...

How do I not outlive my money?

The number one worry for most retirees is outliving their money. When worried, people make poor decisions. Having a plan in place before you retire, or even 10 years into retirement, will give you peace of mind. Take a look at where your income streams will be coming...

IRA Lesson: RMDs, the Secure Act, and Tax-Free Money

Most Americans have money set aside for retirement in a 401(k) or IRA. If your money is in a qualified account, you are subject to RMDs, or required minimum distributions. The recent passing of the Secure Act has caused the rules around RMDs to change. Whether you...

Why Plan for Home Health Care?

When we talk to clients about long term care, the majority tell us they want to stay in their home, a trend that is happening all across the United States. With home health care becoming the dominant preference, we want to go over what home health care means and how...

What is IRMAA: Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount?

If you are on Medicare and have a relatively high income, IRMAA matters to you. IRMAA, or Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount, is basically a Medicare tax for the affluent. For people who fall into IRMAA, they pay a surcharge on their Medicare Part B and Part D...

Social Security: What are Spousal Benefits?

If you have been married in the past, you are currently married, or you might marry in the future, Social Security spousal benefits matter.A short story to start off the lesson: Jane, 70, is currently collecting a $3,500 monthly Social Security check based on her...

What is changing with Medicare in 2020?

Every year Medicare changes and 2020 is no different. Below we will go over all the changes, how they will affect you, and what you need to do!  Medicare Part A changes in 2020   Part A covers hospital services for Medicare beneficiaries. Most people do...

Medicare Annual Open Enrollment 2019: A complete guide to making the right decisions for you

On October 15th, the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), sometimes referred to as Medicare Open Enrollment, started. Medicare beneficiaries have 54 days, until December 7th, to make sure they have the best coverage for 2020. What exactly are the...

A Summary of Medicare Annual Open Enrollment for 2020 Coverage

Medicare Annual Enrollment, which takes place from October 15th through December 7th every year, is underway. Most consumers rely on advertisements, seminars, or company presentations to learn about their options. These do not usually give a full picture...

What a Recession Could Mean for your Retirement

The economy has been booming for the past several years. We’ve enjoyed a period of financial ease as a country. However, the more the economy expands, the more people anxiously wait for its decline. Economist after economist speculate about when the next...

What is the Difference Between Medicare Supplements Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N?

When starting Medicare, most beneficiaries get the choice of going down two different routes. The most common route is Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) paired with a Part D prescription drug plan, and getting a Medicare Supplement. We talk about the...

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